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Advanced Forms (Client Feedback) Page Type

Your eVetSite website builder has a powerful and versatile system for your clients to interact with your website through direct feedback form pages.  You can set up feedback forms for any purpose you like with as many text fields as you need.  

Getting Started:

Each eVetSite comes with several form pages already set up (you can always add more form pages at anytime as well). To get started, login to your eVetSites website, go to your Forms Page, and click on the Edit Special function button.  This will bring up the forms manager set up page:

Start by giving your form a name. This name will appear in the "Subject" line of your email: 

  • Form submissions will be sent to the email(s) that you enter in the “Send Form To:” on the form.  

*** Visit our View Form Submissions page to learn about another way to access your advanced form submissions! ***


  • Make sure that you set your email to receive emails from this address as sometimes these types of emails can get caught up by default spam and junk filter settings.

  • Even though the form will be delivered from a “donotreply@evetsites.net” email address, when you reply to that email to communicate with the person who submitted the form, it will reply to the email address that they entered on the form

Next you will add a comment that will auto-respond back to your client when they finish the form submission.

Next, start adding your fields; start by selecting the field you need under Add New Field. (Hint: visit one of our sample forms above to plan for the order you want the fields to appear in the your new form).

Most of the fields are self explanatory as to their set up and function.  Note: you can move the fields up and down to change their order, and check the box on the right to make them a "Required" field:

Making Selection Lists may need some further explanation.  Selection lists are those cool "pull down" lists you see in may web site forms:

Start by selecting Add a selection list.  Then give your list a Field Label.  For Choices type in each name followed by a vertical line separator (the pipe key). 

The key to making selection lists is to separate each item by a vertical key stroke using the pipe key on your keyboard (the one under the "Backspace" key which creates the "|" type face).

You can add as many choices as you would like for names, terms, Months, Years or any other list.  Set the Default value to "a"; your prompt is "Select One"; the list size is "1" and then you can select from a list,   radio buttons or check boxes.  Try all 3 kinds of lists to experiment with the one you like best or try a variety as needed.


The last item for your form is where your clients can type in any text as needed.   

Now go to View and try out your form for yourself then check your email for the final review of the results.

Last but not least:  To add text instructions at the top of the page for your site visitors, go to Edit Page and you can add text just like any other standard web page.