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Changing Your Theme to a New Template:

We have added a variety of new template themes with variations as to page layout, page navigation and page header content.  When making a template theme change, always make note of the template you are coming from in case you want to change it back. 


Some templates have picture sets to choose from to add pre-sized images to enhance your website.  These templates also let you choose "no pics" to leave the header open with options to add your own images.





Some templates have a very a specific page header configuration that may conflict with the content (Text and Images) you now have in your present header.  If this occurs and you wish to continue with your new choice, please let us know at (support@evetsites.com) so that we can make any necessary adjustments for you.

As always we encourage users to submit your ideas for new template themes for inclusion into our selection list so that we can continue to add new themes in the future.