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Calendar of Events Page


The new eVetsite III includes a Calendar system so that you can easily set up a web page to keep your clients (or staff) up to date on special one time events at your practice, or post recurring events like training classes, regular vaccine clinics or other specific days when individual services are offered.

When your clients click on the event description, a secondary window opens that will display more details about the event such as the exact hours, contact person, phone number to call or other special instructions.

Getting Started:

Each new eVetsite III comes with one pre-installed Calendar Page.  If you don't see one in your page list (or if you need additional calendar pages) you can just Add a Page under the Edit Menu function button, label the page and select Calendar for page type


To create a new event go to your Calendar Page and click on the Edit Special function button.  The first set up screen will display all your pre-set events.  In the upper right corner you can choose (click) to add "one time", "weekly" or "monthly" events.

Next, fill in as much detail about the event as you need for your clients and set the date and time fields:

Click Save to save your new event and view your results.

Extra Hint:  You can have as many calendar pages as you need including "Hidden" calendars for special member groups or staff member only viewing.


For more information on Calendars contact us at tech support 877-388-0442 or email us at support@evetsites.net