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To set up your email on the Mac, first click the mail icon . Next you will be asked what kind of set up your email account is associated with. Choose "Add Other Mail Account" and click "Continue". If you already have an email account set up on the Mac and want to add your eVetSites account, then you can go to: Mail > Accounts > Add a Mail Account > Create, then follow the rest of the steps below.



In the feilds below, add a name, the eVetSites email address, and Password to that email address. Here we used the example of:

Full Name: Vin Support

Email Address: itsupport@vinitsupport.evetsites.net

Password: (Password for the account)


 Click "Next"


Now you will need to configure the servers. First is the Incoming Server. The information you need is:

Account Type: POP

Mail Server: checkmymail.net

User Name: itsupport@vinitsupport.evetsites.net

Password: (Password for the account)

Click "Next".



 Now the Outgoing server information:

SMTP server: checkmymail.net

(Here you can use your own domain server if you have one, or you can use the one below which seems to work very well. Just       remember there are limitations to 25 emails is amount of email being received due to all the sites using the server.)

User Name: itsupport@vinitsupport.evetsites.net

Password: (Password for the account)

Click "Create".


You will be asked to "...continue without a secured password?" just click "Continue". This is used for SSL and we do not use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with our servers.


Compose an email to yourself. Put the email address you just created into the "To:" field. "Test" in the subject, "Test" in the body, and click the paper airplane in the top left corner to "send".


The image below shows that we received our test emai back which proves the incoming and outgoing servers are configured correctly. Congrats on setting up your eVetSites email address on you Mac!!


If you have any questions or need more help with setting up your eVetSites with your Gmail account, please call us at 1-888-332-5316 ext 2. Our pleasure is helping you make the most of your email and web sites.