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Setting up your email account on your Android device is pretty simple. Maybe even simpler than some other devices!

First step, click on "Settings".


Next, click on "Accounts & sync".



In the upper right, click "Add Account".



Click "Email".





Now add your email address and password for that email address.


Here we used our email address at itsupport@vinitsupport.evetsites. net with our password.



Now, off to the right side there, you will see "Manual setup" or "Next". You want "Manual Setup" because we will configure the email settings next.


Click on "POP3" for the Account Type.



For the incoming server settings, we will use the following:

User Name: (This is your email address.  We used itsupport@vinitsupport.evetsites.net)

Password: (Your email address password).

POP3 server: checkmymail.net (this is the actual server you will use for eVetSites).

Security type: None.




For the outgoing server settings, we use the following:

SMTP server: checkmymail.net   (yes it is the same server for both incoming and outgoing).

Port: 2525

Check mark the "Require sign-in"

User  name: (This is your email address.  We used itsupport@vinitsupport.evetsites.net)

Password: (Your email address password).

Click "Next".



Account options will let you check options you want. Here we have "Notify me when email arrives" and "Sync email from this account" check marked. There is also an option on how often to check for mail on your account on the top. Here we have it set for "Every 15 minutes". Also there is an option we did not check for "Send email from this account by default". These are options that are up to you.

Click "Next".



Congrats! You have set up your email with your eVetSites email account! Now click "Next".




Here we have found our email account and now we will compose an email. The account will be under your settings > Accounts & sync or on your email icon on the main screen.


Click on your email icon.


Now click on the envelope in the top right corner. This is your "compose" button.



Now compose a message to yourself. You will use the email address you just set up. Here we used itsupport@vinitsupport.evetsites.net.

Put "Test" in the subject and "Test" in the content field.

Click "Send" in the top right.



Here we have our Test email. If you do not see it right away, then click the refresh button up at the top right. It looks like two arrows following each other.



CONGRATS!! You now have successfully set up your eVetSites email on the Android and sent a test email! If you have any questions or need more help with setting up your eVetSites with your Android account, please call us at 1-888-332-5316 ext 2. Our pleasure is helping you make the most of your email and web sites.