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Insert an Advanced Form on Your Website


Adding forms to your eVetSites website is a great way to simplify communication with your clients.  With Advanced Forms you have the ability to place a full size form as a page on your website, or you can choose to integrate that form into an existing page as a Mini Form.


Full-Size Advanced Form: Use an advanced form when you need to collect a large amount of information such as new client information, change of address, or a surgery consent form for example.  These will generally be long forms asking for lots of information.

Mini Advanced Form: Use this shorter form when you're just asking for small amounts of information like newsletter subscriptions, request an appointment, and prescription refills.  These can be integrated into any page or in the common content area.


Now that you know the different ways to display an advanced form, click the corresponding image below and follow the easy to use instructions.

Full-Size Advanced Form

Mini Advanced Form