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Adding Pages to your Website

To add pages to your website, start by going into your Edit Menu screen.

Next Look at the Menu on the left side of the screen and decide where you would like your page.  You can have three levels of links.

Click on either Add Top Level Menu or Add Sub Level Menu to add a new page then click on OK on the pop up.  Enter your information then click on Save Menu Information.

You will now see your new page in your menu on the left.


Moving Pages In Your Website

Moving pages in your website is now very simple with Evets III.  Start by deciding what page you would like to move and where you want to move it.

For this instance we want to move the page Cat Adoptions just under the page Adoptions.  Click and hold the words Cat Adoptions and drag your mouse pointer over the word Adoptions.  Release the mouse button.  This will drop the page and place it directly underneath the page Adoptions.  For all tier menus, dragging your page directly on top of a page will place it directly under it.  You will get a Green Successful message.

For the next instance we would really like to have Cat Adoptions as a 2nd Tier Menu in the Adoptions page. Make sure to expand the menu of the page you would like to place your page in for 2nd and/or 3rd tier menus.

Click on your page and drag it on top of Add Sub Level Menu under the page you want your page moved to.  Drop your page and it will be placed as a sub menu item.

 It's that easy!


2nd Option for Moving Pages

You can also select your page from the left menu, then in the top right corner you will see Move Up / Move Down.  This will also move your pages to their desired places.  It will not, however move them to other tiers, only within the tier level they are created in.