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Add your eVetsite to Google Maps

Today's tip is how to add your business and site location if you do not find it while searching Google maps.
First go to
//maps.google.com and search for your location.

If it is not found click on the link at the bottom of the business list that says "Add a place to the map".


Click on Continue to add a location.


Enter in your location information


Add details to your location, IE business name, phone number, type of business, etc. When you are done, hit save and you will receive a confirmation window.


Hit Ok and wait for Google to update their servers.


You can also add a business to Google Maps using their Local Business Center and their help section.
Note: if you use the business center, it is free of charge but you will need to have a Google account.
If you do not have one, they are available free of charge at