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Activate your VIN Client Education Library in eVetSites

When you first sign up with eVetSite, the Client Education Library Page (Pet Medical Library) from VIN is included on every starter website. However, you need to activate the library to "turn on" the search widget or select the articles you want to appear on your website.

Hint: You can name this web page any name you like under the Edit Menu function.

New articles will be automatically included in your library as they become available (if they are included in the species you have activated). To search new articles to review each week, click on this link for further instructions on our VIN boards:


To activate your library, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your site builder
2. Select the Pet Library Page from the page list
3. Click on the Edit Special function button. This will bring up the Library Control Page:


4. You can now turn on your library articles by species, then click Save to active the library on your site.

Alternatively, you can search articles by keyword to bring up individual articles to include or remove from your library as well.

Each week new articles are added to the library which are posted on our VIN boards at this link: